Monday, April 28, 2014

You would be mine

In March I met a man who is a descendant of one of the famous aristocratic, blue blooded families. He gave me his book about the Slovenian mythology as a present. It’s an interesting read but it takes a lot of time to go through the small letters and absorb so much information.
I met this man once again about a week ago. He brought me a crate of beer which he brews, and he said to me, looking frankly into my eyes: “If you didn’t have a boyfriend, you would be mine.” Without any doubt the domineering blood of his ancestors runs through his veins! And what I find it very interesting is this that the Universe keeps sending me men who are Lions, or their Ascendants are in the Lion, all the time (well, Ž is an exception). I just wonder why. Would the Lion be a perfect match for me or just another difficult trial in my life?


Feronia said...

Wow! What star sign are you?

Pina said...