Friday, August 22, 2014

The happiest days in my life (part 2)

I should have known. At your age, in a string of days the year is gone. But in that space of time, it takes so long.
~ How you’ve grown by 10,000 Maniacs

And in fact, I called Adam one day from Finland and indeed, I traveled all that way to London (though, this was never the plan) where he waited for me on 22th August. It was also hard to believe that I had a chance to sleep in a home of an unknown person (Adam’s friend) in the center of London!

The next day we drove to Derby to visit his mom Sandra and later on to Liverpool where I spent a few days with him, and of course, had those promised pancakes, too. While I was staying there I got to know a different life from the one that I lived at home. I felt alive! You know, Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields ... and lots of people telling me how lucky I was. Sure I was!

I am only sorry that we didn’t end our relationship then, that August. Instead he came to visit me in Slovenia and I stayed with him in the UK over Christmas and a New Year. I came back home in tears. We just lived too far away from each other and we were too different to be happy together. But nevermind, with that single hug and one fleeting kiss he brought immense happiness into my life for just a moment. And that counts more than anything else that happened between us after that.

I wonder what you’re doing today, Adam G. M. I hope that you are happy and that you have many good reasons to smile every single day of your life.

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