Monday, September 8, 2014


Each beekeeper in Slovenia will tell you that this season is the worst in the last 40 years. Dad has seven beehives and beside this also one little family of bees that found its place on the balcony of my house. I had persuaded him that bees would be happier here than at his home because here they had more food than in the city where he lives (although his home is only about 6 km drive from here where I live). And indeed, the bees filled up the cells of the honeycombs very quickly.
So, about ten days ago Ž persuaded my dad to bring another two hives onto my balcony because the meteorologists kept promising some nice weather last week. But it was far from that. I hope that the bees had time to bring enough food into their hives in three sunny days before this rainy week, so that they at least won’t be hungry before we give them the sugar solution. This year dad extracted exactly zero kilograms of honey.

I’ve heard many reproaches lately that I still don’t have my own bees. But sometimes it is wise to wait a little bit longer. Maybe next year I will be able to show you my own hives and eat honey produced by my own bees, who knows?


Feronia said...

I'd love to keep bees and produce my own honey! I think bees are terrific.

Pina said...

Then you should for sure try keeping bees!

Feronia said...

We're thinking about it :)