Thursday, September 4, 2014

A countess

If you thought that I was wandering somewhere in the mountains these days, you were wrong. I admit, I stayed at home on one of the most beautiful days this summer, and I am sorry that I did. But an event that followed was a main reason for this.

I’ve told you already about M. By coincidence we came across each other three more times. I admit that it was quite pleasant in his company, talking with him about all sorts of things. The last time when I stumbled upon him (I was selling the apple juice at the ecological market for my colleague) he asked me if I would play a countess, his “wife”, at the weddings in one of the Slovenian castles. I said yes.
And so I did. I was nervous because I had to do my “talking” part of the show, too. As “my husband” had to play a major role in one of the other castles that afternoon, I had to carry the second part of one of the weddings all by myself. It wasn’t easy but I managed to accomplish my task almost perfectly. It will be easier the next time; if there is any next time at all as the wedding season is practically over.

It was interesting to see how different the wedding couples are. The first couple was young and a little bit afraid, and the second one was rich and quite arrogant. Though, I hope they all will be happy in their lives. I was glad to take my dress off me after the weddings; I had to wear three layers – a dress, a sleeveless dress over it and a mantle with fur collar over this last one, while the temperature was over 25 degrees C. Unfortunatelly I have no photos of myself in this costume.
My new experience ended well and one of my wishes, to wear a costume like the one I was wearing last Saturday, also came true.

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