Sunday, January 10, 2016

A decision

I’ve been thinking about this blog of mine quite a lot lately. What to do with it? Should I continue writing it in English or in Slovenian or just quit writing it completely. The other day, though, I read a few posts I had written years ago and it struck me that I don't remember some of the events. So, I decided to continue writing my blog. Sharing good things and also sometimes bad ones is something that makes my life richer, and also others might find something “useful” in my posts. I also decided to continue writing it in English. At least for now. 

1 comment:

Sarcastra said...

I am pleased that you have decided to continue writing your blog, even for a while. I like to check in occasionally and see what you have been making and learning, what new discoveries you've found, and all the beautiful scenes from your hiking. Thanks for sharing.