Monday, January 11, 2016

To have what we wish for

Con el tiempo supo, además, que había muchas personas que tenían menos de lo que querían y podían cuidar.
Laura y el corazon de las cosas by Lorenzo Silva
I started to learn Spanish language quite some time ago but my progress is very slow. Mostly because I am lazy. I should put more effort into learning, I know. The procrastination doesn’t take me very far and it never will.

Yesterday Ž and I took a short walk along the Ljubljanica river. Celebrating our 11th anniversary of being together and the promise of a bad weather today brought us to the river banks in the old part of the city. We also spotted a very rare Bahama’s duck there, that had most probably escaped from someone’s pond. I suggested that we have a cup of coffee to round our “trip”, so we stopped in the nearest café, called Krakovc (named after a district called Krakovo). A lovely place, though empty at that time, Spanish music, tapas and Spanish beers. I was surprised, really, as the name of the café would suggest the local offer. Later I heard the waitress speaking Spanish on the phone so I asked her where she came from. Argentina, was her answer, so I had a short chat with her. I could see that her face brightened and a smile showed on her face. I am sure that I made her day. And for sure she made mine a little bit happier. Besides, I have another story to tell. But most of all, I promised myself to take Spanish language a little bit more serious, it won't do me any harm if I try harder. Because then I will have a little bit more of that what I wish to have. 

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