Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Garden goodness

For quite some years I kept receiving the mail of another man here in our village, because he has the same house number as I have it (although the name of the street is, of course, not the same). Ž knew who this man was, so when he stopped at the local cafe for the coffee, he also gave him his mail. And at the same time I received mine. Then, luckily, we got a new postman.
This man who was receiving my mail is my father's age but over the years we became colleagues. By coincidence he offered us to have our vegetable garden near his house this year. We accepted. The location is a little bit farther than the previous one but it is far more pleasant and easier to keep the garden neat. Last year slugs did their proper job and ate almost half of the vegetables and berries. This year we don't have this problem. Usually we didn't have to water the vegetables but the soil in this garden is a little bit different. Though, the underground water is just a couple of meters from the garden itself and the watering system is in these days, when it is really hot, in permanent use.

Abundance, that's how I would describe our garden this year.

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