Monday, August 7, 2017

Who's guiding who?

I got my first job at the Ministry of work and I would have built a great career by today. But ... B was the one who had wanted me to work in the company owned by his family, so I simply left the ministry and started to work for them. Six years of boredom, of zero personal growth followed. Although it was hard when he left me, I see very clearly today that I could never be who I am if I still had the job in that company. Also, I would never be who I am if I stayed at the ministry. Comfortable life, that's what I would have had but I would never know people I call friends today. And I am grateful for this. For people who spend days with me, chat with me, go out with me on adventures or just for a coffee or an ice cream, discuss things with me about what we do or about life and world in general, ...
Yesterday I spent a day with one of such friends. He also works as a guide, and this time it was me who was guided by him. He led, I followed. He showed me his hometown, the places where he spends most of his free time. There were the waterfalls, the coldness of the forest through which we walked, the ideas which we exchanged, the stories he told. And of course, deserved ice cream at the end of our trek. Before we said goodbye to each other, we sat on the grass on top of the hillock above his hometown and made plans for our next joint adventure. What a wonderful day it was!

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