Monday, October 15, 2007

Beautiful places

After our Saturday's party I went to my colleague's weekend house where he prepared a picnic for a few of his friends. He has a lovely cottage, you know, the one like you imagine in a fairytale Snow white and the seven dwarfs. Cute. I love it there. We had a barbecue and later in the evening some chestnuts as well. The fall picnic. It was the first time I had a chance to shoot with a crossbow. A dangerous weapon, indeed, but I had lots of fun shooting with it.
We also visited a magnicifent property. In a middle of nowhere, this beauty. There are so many hidden treasures around Slovenia if you have a local guide to show them to you. And my colleague was an excellent guide yesterday. He also took us into the only cave in Slovenia which has a hot spring in it. There was a pool with warm water nearby and if it was a bit colder we would probably just jump into it. It was such a pleasant Sunday!

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