Thursday, January 10, 2008


A few days before a New Year my cousin gave birth to a boy. This is her second child, her second boy. I think that she wished for a girl.
Three children of my mum's brother are all very beautiful, one of them was once chosen as the most beautiful boy at school. You will hear about this boy I think, he took part at the last Winter Olympic Games in Italy. Just after a New Year he has almost killed himself when he fell from his sledge at about 120 km/h. His helmet broke completely but fortunately he was not hurt. Not only beautiful, these children are also very clever. I have to admire them all. And also two boys, children of my cousin are very beautiful, and as it seems also very smart. This is a greeting card I made for her:
A lullaby. And little bears.


13mimosa said...

You are too clever - you should start an etsy shop yourself - truly - I'd buy your things. Have you looked at shim and sons - I'll send you the link, see what you think.

Pina said...

Perhaps one day. I would need a bit more time for this, I guess. Hmmmm...