Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Don't envy me

because yesterday we could see something like this outside:
It's been on Christmas day when we had the last sunshine here in Ljubljana. One of the reasons I like summer so much.

I was browsing through my (holiday) photos yesterday. There are a few more I want to share with you. Holiday spirit in one of Ljubljana's parks. Pupils of Ljubljana's schools make colorful lanterns which are lit in the evening. Each year these lanterns hang in this park and it is really romantic walking under them.Each year on the first or second day of a new year we get together with our closest neighbors. We drink some tea and have a small snack. We chat. We exchange small presents. My presents to my neighbors this year: I baked cookies for them, with honey. I made those little angels and Father Christmases and wrapped them in a cellophane, and I made those little bags and put cookies into them. And believe it or not I have huge plans for the next presents for them. But you will have to wait another year to see what they will receive from me.


13mimosa said...

Now you're just trying to make the rest of us feel horribly inadequate. I think you said nice things about our gingerbread - now that's just embarassing! Why do I live so far away - I want such thoughtful neighbours!

Pina said...

But I really liked your gingerbread houses!
My neighbors seem to be perfect people and everything has to be perfect. So, I tried really my best to make it at least look nice. :) The bag idea comes from Martha Stewart web site.

Perhaps I could send you some goodies, the ones that won't squash on a way to your part of the world. Wait and see! ;)

eva said...

These gingerbread cookies look so fine! In Estonian we say "pepper cookies" :) Probably because all these ingredients.

Pina said...

Yes, I also have a recipe for some Swedish cookies which are called pepperakor (or something like that). They are very delicious and I make them about once a year. I make them a bit spicier than it is written in a recipe.
Perhaps I should start posting the recipes and you will be able to make all those sweets by yourselves too. :)