Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Little treasures V

Sometimes I think that my blog is really boring. Anyway I like writing about the things that come up my mind and share this little world of mine with you, rare and dear readers.

Let's get back today to my little treasures which my home hides. The whole week I was reading a book Riding the Iron Rooster by Paul Theroux which I really liked. He has that special way of describing things which enables you to experience the travel like it was you on the way. I was in China back in 2001 (what a great year it was!), I spent 3 weeks there. I was traveling with a group of different people; we were together but each of us was on his/her own. Mostly we stayed in Shanghai (perhaps we should travel there tomorrow on a map?) and strolled around the city indulging in its vibrant colors. Well, Chinese are making lots of bad things, like ruining their history and building high block of flats that surely don't attract tourists. The air is polluted and so is the environment. People use their elbows a lot. If you don't move, they walk over you. This was my experience and it was Paul's too. But I liked China very much. I really, really liked it. I felt like home although China and their life is 100% different than what we have here. I wouldn't like to live there but I liked it anyway. I don't know why.
In 2004 when I celebrated my first birthday where I work now, I received a beautiful teapot for my present. I don't know if these are Chinese letters on it but anyway, I connect it with the cultures which are present on the other side of the world. I like this teapot a lot and it is one of the objects that belong on my little treasures list.
Reading that book I mentioned above led me to this that I post a photo of my favorite teapot today. Please, don't mind the dust on it, I have lots of that in my home. :)

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I would love to visit China someday. The closest I've been is Vietnam and that was quite a while ago now. I can see why you like that teapot. Besides being a gift, foreign writing on ceramic like that looks very mysterious and exotic, and your imagination gets a work out trying to fill in the blanks on what it might say.