Monday, March 3, 2008


...passed quickly and I spent some nice hours outside my home. On Friday evening I decided to go to see a movie instead of reading a book. Becoming Jane is a love story, telling about a great romance between Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy. Right, as I read today on the internet, there is no proof that there ever was a big romance between the two of them. But I liked the movie. I relaxed and enjoyed the story and music. Just recently I read Pride and Prejudice. Well, it is nice to escape everyday life for a while. Though I think it was a hard time for women in those days.

I also read a book during this weekend. The Copper Beech by Maeve Binchy. I have Tara road by the same author at home, I ordered it once at Amazon but I didn't like it at all. I liked The Copper Beech mostly because all the stories have a happy ending. Just what I need right now. Otherwise, in my opinion a plain writing.

I went to help my grandmom on her Ranč (we've been calling it ranch for ages, perhaps because it is a bigger property, I don't know, that piece of land just got that name) on Saturday, together with my parents. The weather was bad (some rain) and the wind was very strong. A hurricane, I called it. We cleared up the branches from the orchard and burned them, so my grandmom was the happiest woman that day. She baked us apple strudel (yum!) and made some lunch. We talked for a while about all sorts of things. It is so nice to be with my grandparents, usually it is so relaxing, so peaceful.

Yesterday I spent an afternoon searching for the spots where Eagle Owl might live. Well, I actually joined Mr Ž on his quest. It was a nice sunny day but windy again. We have this strong wind every spring now for more than 10 years. Some people died in Germany and also Austria was hit hard. We are kind of lucky to have Alps protecting us a bit. So, later in the afternoon, just before dark, we went to listen to this biggest European owl to a spot where it was heard before. We were lucky to see both, male and female and they uttered their sounds, too. So, another tick on our list. We will go and listen at this spot again later when the youngsters will be hatched. Hopefully... Wandering through the woods, I took some photos of the spring flowers. It is still too cold for the flowers to bloom at the place were I live, unfortunately. Although we might get some snow tomorrow, nobody can't deny that spring is coming to our land.So, I wasn't baking this weekend, I was taken care of, which was even better than staying at home, reading a book, cleaning a house and cooking.


kari said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend.

I just started reading a book that I think you may like. It's called 'The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw'. Look it up on the internet, if it's something that sounds interesting to you, I'll send you the book after I finish reading it. Have a nice week.

Kari said...

I saw becoming Jane recently, too, and thought it was pretty good. It's true that I prefer happier endings, and it makes me sad to know that she had such a short life.