Wednesday, April 9, 2008

At home

Things are clearer to me now. When brushing my teeth last night I remembered what might be wrong and where this dampness in my house might come from. It is probably a mistake in the installation for the central heating. Today an expert will come and say the last word. I am afraid that we will have to demolish the ground floor completely. My house is insured but I am not sure that this insurance covers this kind of damage. I am sure that we will have to dismantle the kitchen.
I try to see good things in this - I am fortunate not having furniture in my living room because it would have been in this case all damp and moldy. I will be able to rearrange the kitchen elements and finally be happy with the setting of my kitchen. And I have a lesson to learn. An important one. Do not put off the things you have to do. When I need to have nice thoughts I iron my clothes. Always, really always I make plans, think of future and only about nice events and other things in my life. I did that yesterday. I enjoy in this home errand immensely! Always. (If I need to get myself angry then I start vacuuming. I hate it. Always. I never have nice thoughts at that.)

Hopefully I am off to Ikea tomorrow. If the things at home are alright.


yacoob said...

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Bummer about the damp. It rains so much here, that we are always having to be conscious of potential problems. When we first moved in my husband installed something called "french drains" that have helped divert tons of water away from the house and not into our crawl space. I hope your problem is not too serious.

And seriously, you like ironing? You must always look so crisp and well put together. I rarely ever buy clothes that need ironing because I do not like to do it. I guess I do a lot of my thinking in the shower.