Friday, April 11, 2008


I spent 6! hours in Ikea yesterday. I could have spent even more time in the shop but I had to go home... I was kind of disappointed over the selection of fabric. When I entered the store beautiful fabric was hanging on exhibit from the first floor but once in the fabric department, more than half of it was missing. It is quite time consuming and not so cheap to drive all the way to Graz and back, so we don't go there very often. Anyway, I will have to go there again, if not sooner then when this disaster in my home is finally over. Which is worse from hour to hour.

I met very nice girls yesterday, daughters of my friend. They are twins, 14 years of age. If I remember how I behaved when I was their age! Very pleasant girls, they even showed me their room... ;)

I am alone at home this weekend. I hope I will be able to do some gardening in spite of April weather. It is beautiful outside, I love to watch the clouds rushing over the sky. I relaxed a bit yesterday, so it is much easier to work today. I see that I need to go away from the everyday life to relax myself completely - another reason to take a proper vacation this summer. If I am not too lazy I might even do some sewing this weekend. Have a nice one!


13mimosa said...

You have been tagged. said...

That was my Ikea experience the first time I went there with fabric in mind. However, I never leave there empty handed, so I don't know what that says.

tiel said...

i'm planning on making a trip this weekend. Last time I went I had a hideous time trying to get the boxes of stuff into my car. I had the two kids with me, and after much fuss and many hours, I promised myself I would never venture there again by myself.
So, much to my husbands despair, he is coming with me. Aim is a sofa bed and the fabric...oh yes it looks great.