Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Internet connection
Somebody in the office above us had cut the phone cable. We had been without internet and phone connection because of this. Right, it was peaceful, very peaceful in the office and we spent lots of pleasant moments chatting about all sorts of things. Not only about the birds.


Yesterday five years ag
o was the last happy day of my ‘previous’ live. I was in London on that day. The happiest woman in the world. How quickly our happy world can collapse.

DressI exchanged it for the same dress of different color. I really didn’t like that green although I looked nice in it.

Old pictures
I spent the afternoon on Sunday at my grandparents. Together with my parents. We did some work, we ate a lot. My grandmom was very tired. She's got too much work to do and we are living too far away to help her with it every day. I decided to take some shots of those old photos she keeps in a box. They've been there for a few decades and here they are the first time out in the world.

My grandgrandmother Marija. My grandmom's mom. My grandgrandfather Ivan. My granddad's dad. He was from Poland, from a small village of Mecina.

In my house
I just wonder why my life can't for once be a happy one again. I have put a lot of hope into this year but many events happened that would have pushed some people over the edge. I am still here and kicking. I was just thinking of buying some new furniture for my house and what happened? This:
When you see something like this in your house then it is certainly time to ring an alarm. I don’t know what’s happening; experts will come to see this dampness today. I am afraid that there will be lots of damage. If nothing else the kitchen elements will have to be taken apart. In two days mould infested the walls, so they will have to be repainted. My dad is an optimist, I am not. I thought of going on a short vacation at the end of April but it seems that I will spend the money for renovation of practically a new house. Great! I am off to Ikea on Thursday but it seems to me that I will be buying only fabric and some small stuff which can be easily put in a box and moved to another location. The prices of real estate are enormous here in Slovenia. I can’t imagine buying a house today, only five years after I bought mine. Not even in my dreams. Although this was the first thought I had: sell the house and buy one somewhere where the water isn’t half a meter below the ground floor. I still have a little hope that everything will be alright. I don’t know what I would do without my dad. He is the one who takes care of everything when all things seem hopeless. Sometimes I just wish I could run away from all the worries. A hug helps sometimes. An ice cream, too. And a thought that I am healthy and that I live in a peaceful country. At least I hope so.

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13mimosa said...

Poor you, what a drag. I find that someone or something always knows when you have a little extra cash - that's when things go wrong with the house, or the car, or appliances - it's an exhausting string of neverending needs. Even if we wanted to use more, have less, we don't have that much extras to begin with, so where are you to economise?

My dad's a bit like yours too - he's so handy at everything, thank god because I am but Geoff is not, at all, even a little bit. Dad and I are also alike in wanting to get things done and finished - again, not like Geoff. If I had to wait for a tradesperson or money for all the things my dad has helped with, I can't even imagine.