Monday, April 14, 2008

Home improvement

Mr Ž doesn't have any sense of order which makes me really angry from time to time. It was real mess on a little drawer beside his bed so I decided to invest in a little bookshelf and remove the drawer. I wonder what is he going to say today when he comes back home from the bird monitoring...We still don't know what's happening in my house. It is getting worse every day and nobody wants to bear the blame. Whose fault is it then? Tomorrow I get another visit from the experts. I hope they will find something. I am just afraid that I will have to cover the cost of the restoration.

On Saturday I was so sad that I had to leave the house. I went to a library where I usually forget all the difficulties in my life. I have borrowed a couple of books and I already read one of them. A Foreign Affair by Shaun Briley. I laughed and relaxed a bit although it reminded me of what I am going through right now. I will tell you about the second book in one of my next posts. And share my thoughts. A bit weird ones but this is my blog, isn't it? :)

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