Tuesday, August 26, 2008

From here to there

It is time to change the scenery, so I will move from my kitchen to the Croatian seaside for few days. On the photo is cooked chopped squash with parsley and mozzarella cheese and kus-kus. I expect to eat lots of figs in the next days. Yum! My favorite fruit.

Enjoy yourselves too!


vlijtig said...

Pina, I posted your tag on my blog.

13mimosa said...

Fresh figs, I've never really tried them, they're quite hard to get here perfectly ripe, I know this as my mum loves them.

I'm sorry I haven't done your tag yet, I'm lacking inspiration, but I'll get there.

paperseed.wordpress.com said...

I was just watching a travel show on TV about Croatia's Dalmation Coast and it looked so amazing! I am so jealous. Also, Montenegro is super high on my list. Alas, I don't see myself doing much traveling in the next couple years, so hopefully I'll be able to live vicariously through your adventures!