Monday, September 15, 2008

Goodbye summer, welcome fall

The temperatures dropped from above 25 degrees C to around 10. After all, in one week the fall will officially start on the calendar too. This is time of fairs, of harvest, of colors. Time to go around and see what the year has provided for us. It was time to go to the coast again, to pick figs and other fruits to make some jam. My face brightened when I saw the trees full of fig fruits but most of them were already rotten. The fig season is definitely over. Cornelian cherry didn't have any fruits on and also plum trees were empty. I saw quite many passion fruits and some pomegranate bushes with beautiful fruits on them but I couldn't pick those because they were on people's gardens. If I had some place to store such plants during the winter, I would have pomegranate plant and lemon one too. I love the color and shape of pomegranate blossoms, I love the smell of lemon ones. The house smelled of freshly baked bread on Sunday morning and I have been making myself a fruit breakfast since Tuesday (instead of eating chocolate children's food). One peach, an apple, some oat flakes, sunflower seeds, dates and curd, that's what I had in my Sunday's breakfast bowl. It has been raining since Friday evening but yesterday it stopped for a while, so I went to the castle of Ljubljana where medevial days were going on. Ljubljana has this huge castle which dates back to 16th century. Some of the buildings stood there already in 12th century. It was very cold, so I just looked around a bit, bought some delicious sweets and walked through wonderful narrow streets back to my car. It was lunch time and I could hear the sound of tableware and plates from behind the windows, I could smell the food people were eating, I walked down the street where mom lived when she met dad, I heard music coming from one of the houses, I passed by the garden which I would love to have, big and full of trees in the city center. While driving back home this thought crossed my mind: I am so grateful to be living here in this little peaceful land.


Daria said...

Thank you for this post, I could almost taste the fig in my mouth... delicious! But I'd really like to know where's the coastal-town-photo from? I love it!!! :)

Pina said...

Koper is the name of the town. The pictures were taken in the old part of the town.