Monday, December 8, 2008

Happiness is contagious

Today I will share with you a few words about happiness and joy, an interesting topic I found on choolooloonks's blog this morning. I know a feeling of pure joy and in my opinion it can hardly compare with what I understand under a feeling of happiness.

I thought the feeling of joy would have lasted forever but in that time when all the things in the world looked beautiful, harmless and fair to me, people who had problems in their lives, those who saw bad things in everything, kept coming into my life in flocks. Like if I attracted them with unstoppable force. I tried to calm them down, I tried to comfort them, I tried to show them to look at their problems from a different perspective ... it didn't help. Eventually I slipped into the same state I had used to be - I lost that joyful feeling. This happened two times in my life. This was joy that lasted for quite some time, for a couple of months. Of course, when I am somewhere up in the mountains, I feel joy, too but it doesn't last long. Only for a day or two.

Happiness means something different to me. It means seeing my loved ones smiling when they receive these little fellows made of bread dough:Or receiving a stocking full of sweets on Saint Nicholas evening.

So, I think it is not easy to spread joy; you have to be a very strong person to do this, but it is not so difficult to make someone happy; some just need your smile for that. :)


13mimosa said...

You're right, although I've not thought of it that way before. I myself have had moments of joy, but I guess although I've led a happy life, not a joyous one. Is that the fault, in my case, of others? I'm not sure, I think it's partly my personality but also partly decisions I've made, choices that I could have made that perhaps would have altered things. I do think though, it's me.

CarrieJ said...

I think it is so much easier to let the world drag us down than it is to let the world build us up. I know I feel "needed" by unhappy people, but like an extra wheel in a happy crowd. Maybe if you travel with the happy people long enough you forget that you are extra ... maybe