Thursday, December 4, 2008

The lights are on

Not only the lights on our neighbor's house but also festive lights in Ljubljana are on. The time of the crowds in shops has begun. Yesterday I could hardly find a parking place when I went to the course. Although I left home earlier than any time before because I wanted to stroll through the illuminated city center.I noticed this object at the course:
It is made of styrofoam, glass beads and sewing pins. It probably takes some time to make one but it looks very festive. I am not sure I will make some myself but if you wish, you could try to make one. I guess it is important that the styrofoam ball is big enough, so that all those pins could be stuck into it. This one was about 10cm in diameter.

Today I will put another thick curtain on my window, because I wish to sleep tight again with all those lights on at neighbor's, and in the evening I have to be present at the lecture with very meaningful title: How the light pollution affects animals. Sounds interesting, especially at this time of a year. Btw, I am one of those people who turn the lights that we don't need, off.


Anonymous said...

My mom used to have ornaments made this way back in the 60's, and they are long gone. But I have most of our ornaments from that time. Actually, I might try and make one of these. It reminds me of the oranges studded with cloves. Have a good day. The sun is shining here today, but yesterday was very grey.

Pina said...

It reminds me of oranges too.

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. We've had lots of rain lately (droughts, too), and lots of snow in the mountains.