Friday, May 29, 2009

With children

Sometimes my work is more pleasant than other days and yesterday was one of such days. I spent it in the woods with children. There were around 500 of them coming in groups, eyes wide open. To see and hear what we have to tell them, what we can teach them. Age 6 to 10. They listened, they shared the stories with us. Each group was so different, some were just listening, some talking, too. Amazing experience. It was so obvious which teachers did their job well. I like working with children, though I have none of my own. Learning so much from them... I hope there will be more days like this.

Yesterday in the evening I went out, to the first meadow near my home. I was stunned. I watched in silence thousands of little lights blinking above the grass. It felt like magic. In a way it is. The magic of nature.

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Feronia said...

It's a cliche, Pina, but it's true - the only thing that's certain in this life is change. Thinking of you, as we both continue the journey :)