Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Do you know why time is more powerful than love?

Do you know why hatred is more powerful than time?

I found these words in one of the books I read ages ago. I take shots of sentences I like and it is nice to find those words again when browsing through the old photos. I discovered those words yesterday again while searching for photos for a leaflet I am preparing at work.

I took one of the math books into my hands yesterday in the evening. Mathematical mysteries. It is amazing how the Universe is so perfect in its imperfectness. It is just that we with our brain think that we should make it even more perfect. Those two sentences above actually bring us to the conclusion that hatred is more powerful than love. And to add one more thought to all those already written today: time is more powerful than grief. At least in most cases.

P.s.: That beauty on the photo is growing in my garden and has about 40 cm in diameter. Hiding in the weeds and among the raspberries which will be ripe any time now. Mmm, I can hardly wait...


paperseed said...

Sigh. I'm jealous that you have so much room for such a lovely garden and big plants!

Pina said...

I have rented the vegetable garden from a local farmer, my own backyard is actually very small - it is only about 70 square meters big. I just hope they don't build new houses where my vegetable garden is at the moment.