Monday, November 15, 2010

At home

I received a bag of quinces and made quince marzipan out of them. Raisins, almonds and quince paste. That's all it takes to make a delicious desert. I would add some sugar the next time, because it is, for my taste, still too sour. I baked bread in a star form last week, it was boring making two loaves every time, over and over again. One of the books I read recently was Wolf Totem by Jiang Rong. Loved it. It is a sad story and I cried often reading it. My translation of one of the paragraphs is: "Real scientific work is a product of curiosity and research. Applicability has the secondary meaning. Besides you can't claim that something is not useful until you find out what is that, that you don't understand." So, they killed wolves in the name of science (and greediness). Scary, isn't it? I know people who do such things (they call their work research), and one of them once said to me: "I am not sure this is what I want to do all my life - kill animals in the name of science." Although in her case those animals were (only) grasshoppers, mice, beetles, ants and similar.

I hope you had a nice weekend. I was resting, and also doing some work. After a week of illness, you can imagine that there's quite lots to be done. And I do wonder, where the sun has disappeared?

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Mojca said...

Spet cedim sline. Slastno zgleda tole. Mojca včerajšnja torta pa je izginila preden sem uspela narediti kako spodobno fotko. ;))