Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kiss kiss

I've been a fan of Roald Dahl literature for about 20 years already. I read all his books that were available in my library then. All were children's books. My favorite was The BFG. It still is. Yesterday I finished reading Kiss kiss, a book for adults. It reminded me of Arto Paasilinna's writing. I enjoyed reading this book, although there are many dead people and unusual events in the stories. Well, I have always been a bit weird anyway, so no wonder I liked this book. :)

Nicola Balkind wrote:

"The beauty of Dahl's short stories is his innate talent for saying the most when he says nothing at all. Massive chunks of story line are told through every ellipsis, of which there are many. Rather than telling you exactly what is happening, Dahl creates the setting, throws in a few hints about his characters, and leaves you to deduce the rest."

I smiled at the end of almost every story I read. Clever guy, really.

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Feronia said...

Have you read Dahl's short stories? They're great. Hope you're feeling better :)