Friday, November 12, 2010

Boxing ring

It felt like being in a boxing ring, on the side of a loser, these past seven days. First one of the lymph nodes (this is the word I found in my dictionary, I hope you know what I mean) started to swell last Friday, then my body temperature started to rise. Up to 38,5 degrees C. I don't remember having such high temperature, ever. I woke up with swollen gums on Monday morning and later in the afternoon my doctor said it was sore throat (angina is Slovenian word for that). I received antibiotics. The next day that little bump on my lip became herpes. I got it the first time in my whole life. Terrible. I hope it never appears again. I waited for another blow from that opponent up there. What's going on? Won't it stop, this unfortunate period in my life? It lasts too long, I tell you. No matter what I do, it keeps coming. Blow after blow.

I also found out that it is not a good idea to be without internet at home, though I read more books this past week than in a year before. I was taken care of and it felt good. At least that.

No photos this time, I was inside almost whole week. And it kept raining, too. The best time for reading books and resting. :)

Enjoy the weekend!


Bodecea said...

Get well soon!

Kačja pastirica said...

Pri meni se je začel pojavljati herpes pred 3 leti. Ko mi je padla odpornost sem namesto vročine dobila na ustnicah ta grozni virus. Odkrila sem obliže za herpes in ZELO pomagajo, pa še nevidni so. Nobena krema mi ni pomagala in celilo se je 10 dni, obliž pa nosiš nonstop in se pozdraviš po 4 dneh.
Brez nepotrebnega stesa in veliko vitaminov, pa bo ok :)

Pina said...

Thanks, Bodecea!

Hvala Kačja pastirica, to je pa zelo dober nasvet. Veš, da sem si prav včeraj iztrgala stran iz revije, na kateri je reklama za te obliže. :) Ja, vitaminčki in veliko ljubezni, pa bo, ane! :)))