Friday, April 1, 2011

Fritillaria meleagris

Snake's Head. Almost in full bloom. Plant with many English names. Endangered in Slovenia. If European Union (and our Ministry of agriculture, forestry and food) will continue giving subsidies (our money) to the farmers for destroying meadows and turning them into corn fields, this plant will disappear completely. I noticed new corn fields near these meadows on my photos, and believe me that I was very angry at farmers and EU policy. Money isn't everything. Do farmers really need such huge tractors (buying them with the money from the subsidies) for their small fields? No, they don't. They need them for bragging in front of neighbors and other people. Do we really need so many corn fields? What for? Sad, sad, sad...If you have a chance to go and see them, do so now, because no one knows if they will be still here next year.Have a nice weekend!


Mojca said...

Tole moram pa res prit pogledat. Me boš peljala en krog?

Tika said...

Beautiful flowers, thanks!

Emily said...

That is really sad. Beautiful flowers!