Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Holy Food

This is not what I cooked:The other day I was away from home for the whole day. I thought of having a slice of vegetarian pizza for lunch, so I stopped in Holy Food, Hare Krishna fast food. A woman behind a counter just pilled up her plate with deliciously looking meal, and I asked for that, too. That's the food on the photo. And it really was delicious. The sauce was made of fennel, my favorite vegetable. In June I will throw fennel seeds across one of the beds in my garden. I hope it grows. I like this place, Holy Food. It is so peaceful in there. Usually. Once upon a time, years back, I was on one of Hare Krishna meetings. A friend invited us, students, to join him (he stayed there and is married to an Indian woman). So we did. I didn't understand all of that Hare Krishna thing, but I have to admit that the food that was offered at the end was very good. I haven't tasted anything so delicious until then. Holy Food doesn't offer such sweets as we had them there, and also pizza is quite common, but lunches seem to be something that I will try more often. At least until the plants in my garden are still very small.

Karma for today: Do all you can to create harmony.


paperseed said...

Good for you for trying something new. I love trying new food, although it is so easy to eat the same things all the time. I look forward to seeing some of your garden, it always seems to do so well.

Pina said...

:) I will take a few photos of my garden soon and show you what we will eat this summer and autumn.

Holy food said...

They are so good! Have a great rest of the night / day – depending on when you read.

Holy Food said...

I love trying new food!!!