Friday, July 29, 2011

Exactly at seven

The trumpets started to play, and Martin Krpan and his mare came out of the boxes up on The Puppet Theater exactly at 7 pm. They were placed up there in 1987 and they come out accompanied by the trumpet music every third hour.
Evening was lovely. I ate delicious sweets. And the chatting with a friend was pleasant. The stroll through the city center, too. Ljubljana is vibrant in the evenings; of all the cities I have seen in the world, really the most beautiful one. There's music around every corner, people sitting and chatting in the cafes and restaurants, mighty old buildings all around, lazy river running through the city. There are many new bridges across the Ljubljanica river that bring new things to us. Like the lovers' locks locked on the fence of one of them. Could you wish for more?


Emily said...

Lovers' locks! How gorgeous. What do they mean, exactly? And those cakes...mmmmm!

Pina said...

Here is the link about these locks:

Sarcastra said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures and activities! I'd never seen or heard of love locks; thank you for the picture and link.