Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life is good

These days I've been:

:: tasting the tomatoes which are ripening at great speed these days, and of course, rejoicing at the abundance of vegetables our garden provides for us at the moment.

:: riding my mountain bike a lot, whether it is a longer ride to the top of the nearest hill or just a quick ride around the house.

:: playing the guitar whenever I can. My fingers are toughening and the tunes I play are beginning to sound nice. Though, I still have so much to learn...

:: listening to Jack Johnson's songs, being inspired by his singing and playing.

:: looking at the blue sky and fluffy cumulus clouds on (lately) rare sunny days of this summer. It is a joy to put on my summer dresses whenever it is warm enough.

:: learning about the dragonflies by visiting a creek nearby and flipping through the pages of a book on dragonflies.

:: helping a colleague to ring hundreds of barn swallows. It is amazing to see huge flocks of swallows gathering in the evening above their roosting place.

:: reading Soule Mama’s blog over and over again, finding comfort in her words when I am lonely and despaired.

And of course I still spend 8 hours at work from Monday to Friday.

* This post was inspired by Soule Mama blog.


Feronia said...
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Feronia said...

Can I come to your place for dinner? Those tomatoes look so good :)

Pina said...

:) That was actually an afternoon snack.

Mojca said...

Hvala, ker si me spomnila na Soulemamablog :) je res navdihujoc. Pa tudi tvoj ni od muh :-)

Pina said...

Mah, občasno je malo dolgočasen. Ali se pa samo meni zdi, da se nič pametnega ne zgodi.

Ja, pa čakam, kdaj ga boš ti začela pisat; tebi se ves čas kaj dogaja!