Friday, September 23, 2011

Honey for vegetarians

I am not a vegetarian or vegan and at the moment I don't plan to be. At the same time I am not a fan of meat and I rarely eat it. But I admit that I could hardly live without diary products. I know many people who are vegetarians or vegans but they have never thoroughly researched what kind of food is actually good for them. I am also surprised that some of them still eat products which consist of (animal) gelatin and fruit yogurts which are colored by crimson.At the beekeeping course we watched a movie on extracting honey from the beehives in Hawaii which is later sold to customers in Los Angeles. We were astonished at the mass murdering of honey bees by those people (I don't think they can be called beekeepers). This is not how extracting honey is done in Slovenia. Slovenian beekeepers respect bees. Bees die like people (Slovenian: umrejo), not like animals (Slovenian: poginejo).

Well, my conclusion after watching that movie was that Hawaiian honey is not appropriate for vegetarians (vegans don't eat honey anyway) because juices of all those crashed bees that were killed at extracting honey could also be found in it. It is wise, if you are vegetarian and if you eat honey, that you know how bees make honey and especially who is a beekeeper of those bees (and most of all what he/she is doing during a year with his/her bees). Otherwise you just might eat some animal remains with your honey as well. Or should I add that bees eat other bees (which are still undeveloped in the cells) as well? :)

P.s.: Yesterday those beehives on a picture above were full of dead bees. They were robbed by other bees. At least 100.000 bees died. A sad day for a beekeeper.


Feronia said...

That's terrible - so, the Hawaiian bees are crushed to make more of the honey? Can you please tell us a bit more about it? Thanks Pina.

Pina said...

I found the video:

Watch how they shake bees off the beehives.