Monday, September 26, 2011


This weekend many people spent in vineyards because it is vintage time! I was:

- spending time among ripe grapes too, helping colleagues and Ž's family to harvest sweet sweet grape berries.

- meeting lots of people and hearing the local news. Gossip here and there. I know that they talk about me too when I am not around but I got used to it.

- a little bit sad because I know that grapes will turn into wine, and this wine will cause lots of sorrow and suffering for many families in my country. I live in a country of drunkards but I am lucky that nobody in my family ever liked to drink any kind of alcohol.

- picking chestnuts (just two handfuls), and had them for supper last night.

- taking a trip to a lake where I watched the birds. With autumn came the fog too.

- wishing that I could be in the mountains. But a promise is a promise.

I hope that you had a good start into your autumn (or spring) too.


paperseed said...

I particularly like that photo of the lake and the two people. A friend of mine recently took a photo of his tripod and camera against the night sky and I thought it was fabulous, too. Me? I won't be drinking any wine since I am alcohol intolerant just like my mother. :-)

Feronia said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! I would much rather eat the grapes off the vine than in a glass. I drink almost no alcohol at all.

Pina said...

Good to know... because I won't have any troubles what not to serve you both for drink if you ever come over. :)

Bodecea said...

I have to confess - I like wine, also the typical apple wine of our region, which has not so much alcohol (~ 5%). I have collected the first maroons/chestnuts, too - I love them :-)


Pina said...

Well, Bodecea, it is nothing wrong if you like wine. :)

I just don't like drunkards who do cause lots of sorrow in this world.

Bodecea said...

Pina, I don't like drunkards, too, of course. :-)