Thursday, November 24, 2011


If the sun doesn't come to us then we try to find it where it is. These photos are from my Monday's walk above the foggy blanket. It is a short day and it is not easy to catch a glimpse of a blue sky after coming home from work. It was well worth it to drive that high.

Yesterday in the evening Ž and I went shopping. Not any kind of shopping, it was rather winter gear shopping. I bought my first Gore-Tex jacket 16 years ago in New Zealand, and have worn it since then to this day. Fairydown then, and obviously Macpac today. Things change. And I needed a new jacket. On our way to the store I noticed this light in one of the old houses: A shield was made of a piece of cloth lined with lace. It looked beautiful. Today I know that lots of work had to be put in making this lace.

Tomorrow I will be having a high dose of heliotherapy somewhere in the Julian Alps. And I will test my new jacket too. I can hardly wait.


Feronia said...

You are not helping my nostalgic pangs for Europe with those beautiful photos, Pina! And that light shade is just gorgeous. Is heliotherapy safe?

Pine said...

Oh, Emily, if you only knew how cold it is. I think that this would prevent you from coming here at this time of year. :)

Heliotherapy - I meant with it just going out of this foggy freezing Ljubljana to see the sun again.