Monday, December 12, 2011

A helping hand

It seems that in a world as we have it we need more and more people who are aware that we are destroying other living beings because of our own comfort and greed. What I experienced this Saturday was a destruction of trees because of a flower. So it goes these days, this is what we do. And I was there as a helping hand. We were creating a habitat for a rare orchid (I don't have its picture, these two on the photos are from the mountain areas). Owners of that land don't cut grass anymore because they don't have any benefit from that, so a meadow is slowly becoming a forest. It would be nothing wrong with that if someone didn't find the rare orchid there.

When we finished our work I asked people if they gave any offering to dwarfs who lived in those trees or at least said thank you but they stared at me numb and with open mouths. I might be weird but I do believe in what my ancestors believed in.

Sometimes I wonder why we do all this. Is it really worth it? Yesterday I spoke with Ž about the reserve we manage. We can't get EU or any other funds just to maintain it unless we do/build/make something for people too. Why can't we maintain it just for other living beings, for animals and plants, human beings excluded? Why do we have to destroy half of the habitat for the interest of people?

This morning when I drove through a village I live in, about 200 m from my home, still among the houses, I saw a fox. It didn't run away, so I slowed down. Then it slowly moved to the edge of the road and waited there. I think it won't live long if a hunter sees it. They like killing foxes as I heard. People in my village like killing cats as well. And I was present yesterday when a cat caught a sparrow. This is how it goes. I didn't intervene. Why would I? This is a natural selection. But what we, human beings do, is not a natural selection anymore. It is killing for our own interest and fun.