Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I like strolling through the city center at night, it is so peaceful there. I like stopping by the windows of the shops and sometimes wonder at the imagination of those who decorate them. It is tempting to buy things that I see but at that time shops are already closed. Besides, what would I do with so many things that I don't need?I watched a video of Chinese toy factories the other day, people working night and day for a salary that can hardly cover their cost of living. I stopped buying Chinese food long time ago. I think I don't need to explain why. Last year I almost didn't eat any garlic because everywhere only the Chinese one was sold. This year I planted my own. I found out that Chinese peanuts have been sold lately in our shops. Its price is almost the same as for the one produced in the USA. I always wonder what we really eat these days. Have you ever asked yourself why children have so many allergies today? Is it food, air or something else?

I won't wrap many presents this year. It is more important that we get together on Christmas evening than to open many presents. We have almost anything we wish to have these days. It is not like it used to be when oranges at Christmas were a treat (we had to drive over the border to buy them).

I like this time of year although it is crowded everywhere. It is St. Lucy's day today. I won't bake Lussekatter but I will plant the seeds of wheat. To make these days a little bit more festive than they already are.


Maja said...

Se strinjam glede hrane. V trgovini razen kake steklenice briškega vina ne kupim nič več; kar jem poleg kvinoje, dobim pri mlekomatovih. Četudi se bržkone malce čudno sliši, je to v prvi vrsti posledica tega, da nimam televizorja, ki predvsem preko reklam idr. oglaševanja ustvarja umetne potrebe po stvareh, ki jih ne potrebujemo.

Pina said...

Ja, vidiš, niti pomislila nisem na reklame, ker tv-ja tudi jaz že dolga leta nimam. Če samo pomisliš, kako malo smo potrebovali včasih za svoje bivanje, ko so bile trgovine še majhne in jih je bilo malo...