Wednesday, December 14, 2011


When I was taking a course on graphic design our tutor said that there's actually nothing new in this world - today everyone copies previous ideas. I don't think this is true but in fact we do copy many ideas. Despite this, we are creative in a certain way.

I know exactly how my home should look like (or should I say will look like one day?). To make my dreams come true I need a few things, like money, my own energy to make this happen and a strong man's hand to help me with it.

From time to time I see some great new ideas at the places I go to. I spotted this wall in a picture one day while I was having lunch. Actually, it looked like a great idea for a corner in my home, yet I decided not to go for it. Though, who knows, I might change my mind one day.

Oh, yes, I love colors!


Bodecea said...

Looks very seventies - here are still som,e curtains in my parents home who have such patterns.

And I love colours, too - mostly red, orange, lilac and all between :-)

Pina said...

Indeed it looks very seventies. :)