Thursday, January 5, 2012

First day in 2012

It would had been a shame to waste a wonderful day under the covers, so we took a walk above this never-ending fog in our city. We were discovering new paths in a bear country and tried to find interesting things in this winter dullness. It is quite warm these days. I heard from many people: "It smells of spring." And: "Oh, I hope spring will arrive soon." I don't think it will. Cats have thick fur this winter.

Browsing this wonderful world web I keep noticing that pages start to fill with all sorts of Valentine's day tutorials. But at this moment I have Carnival costumes on my mind not Valentine's hearts. It might be fun this year because my mom celebrates her birthday on Shrove Tuesday. Oh yes, we might have lots of fun that day!


Feronia said...

Lovely photos! Have you seen any bears?

Pina said...

No, we haven't. Probably they are still sleeping in their dens. :)