Friday, January 6, 2012


On one rare day when sun was shining also where I live, I took some photos of my home. To remember how it looked liked during the holidays. One day before Christmas we finally rolled up our sleeves and made our home a little more comfortable. This means that we stored some things in the attic, we disassembled an old round table that was traveling with me from one home to another and put away lots and lots of papers that we didn't really need. And it was like a miracle - our living room has become a spacious and pleasant place in just a couple of hours. Beside this, when little lights on our Christmas tree were lit, a place looked and felt like - a home.

I hope that we will carry on like this. I think that next step is hanging the pictures up on the walls. As the walls are made of concrete, I can't just hammer nails into them, all holes need to be drilled.

Until then I will enjoy looking at the little gifts that I received from a friend. All of them are good for a soul. They make me feel at peace when I look at them. Creative ideas came with them, too. :)


Emily said...

My goodness, that heart is so lovely. What is it made of?

Pina said...

It is made of wax. I don't think I can send you one as your customs would probably take it away from my package. I hope you can find some like that in your country too.

Emily said...

Wax - how amazing. And thank you for thinking to send me one, Pina :) I'm sure you're right - customs is pretty tough here. I'll start looking around for something similar.