Monday, January 9, 2012

A market day

We are lucky these days because sun has been shining from morning until dawn. We needed this blessing from the sky. I needed it. It was a peaceful weekend and I had no plans. On Saturday morning I decided to take a walk through the city center and visit a market. On my way to the marked I was thinking about my ancestors who were living in this city and walking through its streets every day. What were their days like? Today I even can't ask my grandparents about this anymore because they are both gone. When I was younger, still living in their house, we didn't really like each other. They didn't know how to treat kids. Yes, with beating and strict word, this was their way of raising children. Who knows what kind of person my dad would be if he had kind and loving parents? And what kind of person would I be?

I passed the bars (was this one here the last time I was walking down this street?):

I admired the colorful things hanging in front of the shops:

A woman asked her husband when Shrove Tuesday was this year and I answered for him because he had no idea. Across the street I stopped to take a picture of a sign which was telling me that waiters in that bar are smiling (and if I wasn't alone I would probably just walk in and try their apple strudel): I came home with some packages of cereal products (maize, barley and rye):

And finally, on a way back to my car I learned that a woman sharing my name was making curtains with lace:

I still have lots to learn about lace making. I am not able to make such lace yet, as it is in the picture. Though, it looks so simple.

It was a beautiful morning. Most of all, a peaceful one. My body, soul and mind were grateful for such a treat.

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Emily said...

What a beautiful town. Reminds me so much of our trips to Europe :)