Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I have become picky when choosing what to read. I find most modern novels boring and I feel like they would rob my precious time. So I don't read a lot lately. It looks like that people today have to tell what they think to the rest of the world. Including me, writing this blog, right? We had to memorize lot of data about Slovenian writers and poets when I was in a primary and a secondary school. Usually I had no problems with memorizing their birthdays but the rest... boring. The literature written by the Slovenian classics (as the writers from previous few centuries are called) makes you sad and bitter. Most of them write unhappy stories, and obviously in the opinion of teachers, full of metaphors. We had to learn about those, too. But to tell you the truth, I don't care if a woman was running after a cart, and actually her running metaphorically means something (usually how this life is hard and unhappy and unfair).

The other day I wanted to borrow a book by one of our poets that my granddad used to read a lot but came across a book by Janko Kersnik, a writer who was rich and lived in a castle. He was supposedly a beautiful man and people liked him because of his cheerfulness. Oh, yes, we needed such cheerful writers in those days, and we would need them now even more! I think that Slovenian nation needs comedies not dramas especially because we have one of the highest suicidal rate in the world!

So, I read a few of his novels and enjoyed the old language. Many words are not used anymore and some changed in a century. His stories are just what I need these days - plain and short love ones telling about life in 19th century.

And I believe that my grandgranddad knew Janko Kersnik in person. I will tell you why I think so in one of my future posts.


Emily said...

They sound like wonderful stories. Can you think of an English language writer who is similar?

Pina said...

Unfortunately I haven't read so many classical novels in English that I could tell. Though, they remind me of Brontë's and Austen's novels, but they are much shorter and realistic.

Maja said...

Charles Dickens would be quite similar.