Monday, February 27, 2012


If you haven't looked up into the sky these days then it is time you do so. At least here in Europe. Jupiter and Venus are getting closer to each other, they will meet on 13th March.

Neighbors can see me behind a telescope these days. Pikec, "my" cat, joined me yesterday in the evening. We were a good team.

I have no idea how to take good night photos with my camera. To make things clearer: up on the left is Jupiter, Venus is in the middle and Moon is down on the right. Moon looked so: Almost like in the time when I was born. Well, this morning just before 3 am it did look exactly like at that time when I took my first breath in this world.


Emily said...

Beautiful, Pina. We saw Jupiter and Venus together the other day too.

Pina said...

They are beautiful, indeed. :)

Mojca said...

Sem se sinoči zazrla v nebo in je bil res prekrasen pogled, in zahvaljujoč tebi, sem celo vedela kaj gledam ;)

Pina said...

No, lepo. Če si se ozrla še čez hrbet proti vzhodu, si videla tudi ogromni rdečkasti Mars. :)