Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Past week

Through the woods and meadows, counting the birds. I have learned a lot, but still, there's so much more to learn.

Browsing through the selection of seeds in the shop. They are still in the packages, all of them. Today I will plant the pumpkins.

The first flower on my windows. I have already planted all of them. This year I like it red, and red were some tulips in my backyard.

Memories of the good days spent where Ž lives. This river has so much to share with us, only if we listen. Sometimes I ask this river, river Mura, to whisper nice words for me into Ž's ears. It is interesting that I became fond of those places this spring. I'd always preferred mountains to the flatlands, but this year I started to like those, too. Sometimes I am so at ease, being driven around, on the roads through the fields, meadows and woods. I hope that this feeling didn't come too late.

Do you have such experience, too, that you started to like something that you had not been really fond of before?

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paperseed said...

Wow, that seed selection looks huge. We planted our seeds early this year, but they seem to be doing just fine (do I have global warming to thank?).